In about a month’s time, aspiring and returning hunters will be making their way into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. In a blog post, PlayStation shared even more details for the upcoming expansion by Capcom.

Quality-of-life changes have been added to ensure hunters have a smoother time, especially after a hunt. A “take all” command to retrieve all items after a successful hunt will make things snappier and easier. There is also now a confirmation check when equipping an item loadout, making sure you will want to use the loadout’s customized radial menu as well. This will make switching loadouts that much more convenient.

A new tool is coming in Iceborne as well. The Clutch Claw adds more manoeuvrability to hunters, allowing you to aim and fire to pull yourself onto a specific part of the monster. Once mounted, you will have several options:

  • When latched onto your target’s head, you can press Circle to make the monster rotate, changing the direction it’s facing.
  • Press R2 to spend all of your remaining Slinger ammo to unleash the “Flinch Shot” (again, as long as you’re mounted on the beast’s head), which sends the monster careening forward. If the monster runs into a wall or off a cliff, it stuns your quarry and gives your squad a prime opportunity to dish out some huge damage.
  • Press Triangle to execute a standard attack — Depending on which weapon you’ve equipped, this will either soften up that part of the monster, increasing damage and making it less likely for your attacks to be deflected, or it will make the beast drop slinger ammo for you and your fellow hunters.
  • There are also some interesting new things you can do without first grappling onto the monster, depending on the weapon you’re carrying. Pressing L2 after applying my hammer to a monster’s face, for example, allowed for a quick “Slinger Burst” for some extra damage.

Of course, there are bound to be even more strategies to using the Clutch Claw effectively, which players can find out for themselves in September.

The new hub area, Seliana, is also much more packed together than Astera, with all your important stations like the Canteen and Workshop close to each other.

Since Iceborne is bringing even more cold elements into play, the use of Hot Drinks will be paramount to keeping you away from ice-related ailments. The “Wide Range” perk, while useful before, will now be even more important as it works with Hot Drinks, giving a party-wide boost when needed.

That said, not all the action will be confined to Hoarfrost Reach, with some hunts sending you back to familiar locales to hunt down subspecies of existing and new monsters. It is always good to see familiar places now besieged by new beasts.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be available this September 6, so get prepping now before the new monsters arrive as Monster Hunter World is letting limited-time events return during the current festival.

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