Destiny has finally been released and gamers across the world have quit their jobs, kissed their loved ones goodbye, and have locked themselves in their rooms to finally seize their Destiny! Seriously though, Destiny is one of the most pre-ordered games of all time and many of us are currently exploring Bungie’s brave new world with our rifle in hand and Peter Dinklage’s voice advising us as we go. Given that this is a whole new IP and somewhat of a genre bender, it’s understandable that it may take a while for people to fully understand and thrive in the world of Destiny.

In this article published by Gamesradar and written by Iain Wilson, you can read his eight tips that will help you in your early days in Destiny and will give you an edge against the alien hordes. From picking the right class to always making sure you aim for the head, there’s plenty of help here for Destiny’s new recruits. You can read the article right HERE.


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