As if 2019 could not get even weirder, it seems that PlayStation and Sony have filed a patent for a strange new cartridge (thanks to LetsGoDigital, who also broke the PS5 dev kit images) in Brazil. Could this be for a brand new addition to the upcoming PS5, or is it something entirely new for the ecosystem? The closest thing we got to a cartridge-based system was the beloved/overlooked PS Vita, and we all know what happened to that unfortunate young one.

Of course, this is unlikely to have anything to do with the next-generation console, with a similar patent being filed last year by Sony as well. It turned out to be something for the Sony Toio, a Japan-only product meant to be an educational toy. This is just like the new controller patent that was spotted on October 17, which could never be the DualShock 5 (we hope), but more likely to be for the Toio.

The cartridge patent was also submitted by one Yujin Morisawa, the Senior Art Director at the Corporate Design Center of Sony Interactive Entertainment and responsible for all products associated with the PlayStation brand. Even as we hope for more groundbreaking news to come for the PS5, this new Sony patent is likely not be something we will see with the new system.

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