A Celeste sequel is not in the works, according to developer

A Celeste sequel is not in the works, according to developer (1)

This coming Monday will see a new and free update for acclaimed platformer Celeste, and it will add a new chapter called Farewell. A poignant title to say the least, as it could easily be a goodbye to the game as a whole from developers Matt Make Games.

A Celeste sequel is not in the works, according to developer (3)

Chapter 9 has been in the works for quite some time now, and it would seem the team will be moving on to other things with no Celeste in mind, at least for now, according to developer Matt Thorson in an exchange with IGN.

“We really don’t want to make a sequel to [Celeste],” Thorson stated over email before the final update. “Maybe in the future we’ll change our minds, but right now we don’t know how we’d do a sequel justice. And besides, we’re way more interested in making something new for our next full release.”

The platformer has been undoubtedly a huge success since its release in January 2018, and is nearing close to a million copies sold. The success has given the developers the “space to create on our own terms for the near future.” The very same success has allowed the team to develope and release Chapter 9 for free, which is a boon for fans, but is “crazy” to think about.

“First of all, we really should be charging for it,” Thorson explained, and the team “don’t like setting expectations that expansions of this size should be free.” The new update will bring Celeste‘s total levels to over 800, with an additional 100 new levels with new mechanics, art, story, music, and more.

We want to be clear to our audience that we’re only able to release this for free because we’re in a very fortunate position right now, and that this really isn’t a reasonable thing to expect from any developer, including us, in the future.

When we released Celeste, we honestly felt like we had tapped the well dry. Of course that’s never actually true, but we worked so hard for so long that we reached our limit. After some rest and time away, the ideas began to flow again.

This is evident, considering that every idea in Chapter 9 is never-before-seen, brought on by the team’s fresh perspectives, as well as work done by custom modders in the community.

A Celeste sequel is not in the works, according to developer (2)

The scope and scale of the project eventually grew into the large update that will be incoming on Monday. Although the team’s next title is “not ready to be revealed yet,” the new studio EXOK is building up, and will be sharing more updates in a newsletter.

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