A new Epic Games studio opens in Europe

The success of Fortnite has made Epic Games a much bigger player in the gaming space, and the company has just announced the opening of a new studio in Cologne, Germany.

Led by former founders of Factor 5, who were behind titles like Turrican and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, the new studio will be called Epic Games Cologne.

Before joining the company, the Factor 5 team, which includes Epic Games Director of Online Technology Julian Eggebrecht and Cologne Studio Director Achim Moller, were working with Netflix, Amazon and Hulu on media delivery. They also served as technology partners for both Nintendo and Sony.

This seems in line with what Epic is expecting from the new studio, as it will “[serve] as part of the company’s expanding focus on emerging forms of interactive media and streaming technologies.”

In a press release, Eggebrecht stated that,

At the core of Epic’s success are highly-skilled and passionate individuals, Germany is a nation at the forefront of technology and we look forward to extending our local presence as we fill newly created roles and hire exceptional talent.

Both Eggebrecht and Moller joined Epic earlier in the year, and headed up Factor 5 until it ceased operations in 2009. Could this mean a new Rogue Squadron game could eventually manifest? It is definitely still a pipedream, with the new studio in more of a supporting role rather than doing any development on its own.

We will definitely find out more next week at Gamescom 2019, located conveniently in Cologne as well.

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