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AGDQ 2020 schedule revealed but it need more PlayStation games


This week the (Awesome Games Done Quick or otherwise known as AGDQ) AGDQ 2020 schedule was revealed, listing a huge number of games that will be run during the speedrunning event early next year. While the list is good, it’s lacking a couple of PlayStation exclusive games that should really be added, even if some of them aren’t out yet.

You can view the schedule for AGDQ 2020 here for yourself. Among the games listed are some incredible PlayStation exclusives such as The Last Of Us: Left Behind, the original Final Fantasy VIII, and Fatal Frame. However, there are definitely some titles that are fairly recent, or releasing soon, that should be added to the list for the event. In the near future there will be an opportunity for speedrunners to submit their speedruns to the event, but as of now these games are not on the schedule.

Death Stranding

It’s impossible to talk about PlayStation exclusives without mentioning Death Stranding. The game launches on the 8th of November, and will no doubt be incredibly long for those players who want to see everything. However, with a number of open-world games seeing their speedruns at previous AGDQs, we believe that there’s definitely time for someone to perfect a speedrun of Death Stranding in time for the 2020 event.

Days Gone

When it launched, Days Gone was met with rave reviews. The game has seen little attention since then, but as another massive open-world, we think it deserves visiting in the speedrunning scene. It’s highly unlikely that someone hasn’t found a great route for speedrunning the game, so why not add it to the roster and see someone break it in the name of charity? As a game that’s completely open, there are likely some seriously easy ways to break through to the end with very little effort.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is yet another open-world game that’s exclusive to PlayStation 4, and deserves a speedrunning slot. the key difference with this game is the phenomenal story, which you could completely skip in some ways, and the amazing visuals, which would go completely unnoticed in a speedrun as players find glitches. The combat mechanics too are something to behold, and watching someone use those to their advantage in a speedrun would be incredible.


With the recent Return to Yharnam event for the game, it makes sense that the Bloodborne community should put someone forward to speedrun the game. While it has been at AGDQ before, it’s always been on a version of the game without any patches, meaning a very specific glitch is always used. We’d like to see the game run on a modern version that has the latest update, meaning that brand new skips and glitches need to be utilised.

Let us know what PlayStation exclusives you’d like to see at AGDQ 2020.


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