Anthem overhaul planned by BioWare behind the scenes


According to a recent report from Kotaku, BioWare is planning a complete overhaul of Anthem. The report, sources by those close to the game, suggests that BioWare is currently in talks about plans for the game’s future, how updates should be distributed, such as the format for the upcoming Icetide event, and what is important to change or keep in the game moving forward.

After an abysmal launch, Anthem became a joke in the gaming community, with many people insisting that the title is dead, left to eventually die from lack players while BioWare focus on Dragon Age 4. However, this report indicates that this is most certainly not the case. BioWare has hundreds of developers in their various studios, and more than a few of them are hard at work creating new content for the online mech shooter, which has a dedicated fan base who play every day.

The big question about this Anthem update is how it will come to the game. Destiny 2 was overhauled with a number of systems with the release of large expansions, Forsaken and Shadowkeep, while other changes for similar titles, such as No Man’s Sky, have come in the form of big free updates. Time will tell how EA and BioWare choose to bring their big new update, dubbed Anthem 2.0.


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