In an interview with The Guardian, voice actress Ashley Johnson confirmed that she would be eager to reprise her role as Ellie if Naughty Dog made a sequel. Johnson received hugely positive feedback for her role as Ellie which was seriously impressive, especially considering this was Johnson’s first time performing in a video game.

“I’ve been doing voice overs since I was very young but The Last of Us was my first videogame and the first time I had done motion capture,” said Johnson. “I play video games so I like that I was able to make one and play a key role. I would definitely do it again.”

Part of what made the game so successful was it’s realistic scenes and emotions. This was achieved by have the actors act out the scenes which were recorded using motion capture.

“It’s a really great process because you have so much more time to experiment – you don’t have to wait on lighting, or the set up of having to change some of the set design, or having to change your clothes,” Said Johnson.

There has been a lot of talk regarding a sequel to the game and Naughty Dog have confirmed that they are exploring ideas but so far nothing concrete is planned. A live action movie is in the works but it is very unlikely Johnson will star as 14 year old Ellie given that the actress herself is 30. However, Johnson made it clear she would gladly play Ellie again saying: “acting is acting, whether it’s a street corner, on stage or on film.” Johnson went on to express her enthusiasm for working with naughty Dog again saying: “They’re such a wonderful group of people to work for so in general I just love them.”


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