The pre E3 news just keeps on coming. This time from the developers of Just Cause, it’s called Generation Zero and it takes place against a ruined Sweeden in the 1980s. Interestingly, it appears you play as teenagers, decked out in 80s gear. Which is a lot cooler than some cliche military type. You can look good in a time where robots rule the land and it’s up to you and a team of friends to take them out in an open world robotic apocalypse.  One run on the Apex engine, the same one that Just Cause 3 and Mad Max use so we can expect a pretty and large playground to fight in.

Generation Zero launches sometime in 2019. Give the trailer a watch below. What do you think of it? Think it will be even better than Just Cause 3 and Mad Max?

Tyler Wise
Been a fan of video games ever since I opened up a Game Boy with Pokemon Yellow one Christmas far too long ago. I even taught myself to read by playing it! From then on, games and words have always been linked for me. I found that what I really liked about video games (and every other thing I owned) was the stories they held. I'm honored to be here, using my words to talk about the wonderful worlds that games can take us to.


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