Bethesda reveals details of the upcoming Fallout 76 patch 12

Fallout 76 was not what Bethesda wanted it to be, nor what players expected it to be. From major issues with collectors editions to game-breaking bugs, everything that could have gone nuclear did. After Bethesda’s E3 conference this year, it committed to making the game much better and reach the quality level players were expecting from a Fallout game. Patch after the patch, the game has been getting much more stable and content like the Nuclear Winter Battle Royale expansion is already available. Today, Bethesda revealed some details of the upcoming Fallout 76 patch 12. The patch will be available later on this month.

Display your gear on your C.A.M.P.

As an added aesthetic touch for your C.A.M.P., Fallout 76 patch 12 will include Display Cases. This assortment of cases, stands, and racks will allow you to showcase your favorite weapons, magazines, bobbleheads, in fact, any junk you like. Displaying items doesn’t mean they will be removed from your Stash, they will just display a trophy icon next to them so you can know what you’re displaying.

Building these new displays will be easy and accessible. The option to create them will be included in the ‘Displays’ tab that will be added between the ‘Stash Boxes’ and ‘Floor Décor’ tabs.

Upcoming Charleston Capitol updates

The Charleston Capitol building is getting some love in Fallout 76 patch 12. The Courthouse’s layout and design have been reworked to better reflect the story as you play through the Key to the Past questline. There’s also added notes so you can dig deeper into the lore of this particular location and the events surrounding this particular quest.

Bethesda reveals details of the upcoming Fallout 76 patch 12In addition, the main Capitol building has been split from the Courthouse wing into two different interior cells. This change was made, again, to match the events that take place during the Key to the Past questline. This distribution changes allowed for different positioning and respawn locations. As well, the Courthouse level now matches the level range of the Top of the World and the Capitol Building now matches the level of The Mire region. Still, the Key to the Past questline objectives in the Courthouse will remain the same.

Nuclear Winter updates

There are several changes coming for Fallout 76’s Battle Royale after patch 12 rolls. There’s going to be some buffs and nerfs for some weapons. Full details of these changes are going to become available in the Patch 12 Notes once it goes live later this month. There’s a planned increase in the Radaway’s effectiveness, a range reduction of the Tesla Rifle’s area of effect and a buff for the Lever Action Rifle’s ammo capacity and reload speed.

Bethesda reveals details of the upcoming Fallout 76 patch 12Also, a Staircase Quick Kit will be added to Nuclear Winter. This will allow you to more quickly make your way up on steep terrain to gain the high ground and tactical advantage over an opponent.

Cap limits and action changes

You used to be able to carry only 25,000 caps. After the Fallout 76 patch 12 rolls out this limit will be changed from 25,000 to 30,000 per character. This will allow players to hang on to more profits from Vending Machines or to simply save up for a pricey item.

Bethesda reveals details of the upcoming Fallout 76 patch 12Feedback from the community also pointed out that during regular gameplay it was to easy to activate commands to sit on the furniture, start playing instruments and many other situational activities. After the update, you will now be required to keep the action button pressed for a brief moment to execute these actions.

Upcoming details of Fallout 76 patch 12 will become available next week with details that will help players take Vault 94 and explore the new Choose Your Perks system for Nuclear Winter.

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