Blasphemous,Team 17's new game, will be available on PS4 tomorrow

Team17, the studio famous for games like Overcooked, The Escapists, and Yooka-Laylee, is going grim and dark with Blasphemous on PS4. Blasphemous is a pixel action-platformer that’s heading to PS4 tomorrow. Enrique Colinet, a game designer at Team 17, recently shed some light on the creative process behind the game. Colinet expressed that the title is the most ambitious project of the studio to date. Also, he mentioned that there was a lot of elements that served as inspiration for Blasphemous. For example, centenary-old Spanish folklore and influence from gorgeously designed titles like Dark Souls, Castlevania, and Doom. Blasphemous will be available on PS4 in just a few hours.

The story takes place in a land called Cvstodia. The players take the leading role of a character called The Penitent One, who is the sole survivor of the ‘Silent Sorrow’ massacre. Blasphemous intends to be a challenging game for PS4. Furthermore, it is described by Team17 as a ‘punishing’ action-platformer. With the fear of falling on clichés, this might genuinely be a 2D Dark Souls. If you’re in for stories with dark undertones and challenging difficulty, Blasphemous might be the right choice for you on PS4.

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