Fans of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls will be seriously excited for the release of Bloodborne, a spiritually connected game that will be familiar to veterans of the Souls games but will shake things up a bit. The combat system is going to be totally revamped and there will be more focus on your setting and plot. The director for Dark Souls is returning to work on it and so far it’s looking great.

However, if Bloodborne wants to truly succeed then it must embrace what made the Souls games great whilst at the same time blazing its own trail. In this article published by CraveOnline and written by Griffin Vacheron, you can read his thoughts on what Bloodborne needs to embrace from the Souls games and what it should change. Things like keeping the sense of fear whilst changing the atmosphere, and keep the amount of exploration whilst at the same time making it more detailed are all good points. You can read his article HERE.


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