Borderlands 3 gets a new trailer featuring Amara her skill tree

Borderlands 3 has been featuring amazing trailers to showcase their main characters. The last trailer, Happy Together, was a crazy spectacle. This time, the newest trailer focuses on one particular character. Borderlands 3 officially released a new trailer featuring Amara the Siren. Alongside the trailer, there’s also some new information about the character that was revealed in Borderland’s official site.

This new Borderlands 3 trailer shows what Amara is capable of. With her supernatural Siren abilities, she is able to utilize astral projections to decimate her enemies. Three top-level skills from Amara’s skill tree were revealed: Fist of the Elements, Mystical Assault and Brawl.

Fist of the Elements – Action Skill: Phasegrasp

Borderlands 3 gets a new trailer featuring Amara her skill tree

If Amara uses Phasegrasp on a very unlucky enemy, you can pin him down in place and crush him with a giant astral first. As they try to break free from the grasp, you have enough time to attack them with your weapon of choice. As you progress through the Fist of Elements skill tree, you will also be able to unlock other element-focused skills.

  • Wildfire adds a percentage chance that Status Effects applied to an enemy can spread to other enemies. With a little luck, you’ll cause a chain reaction that sets entire groups of baddies ablaze.
  • Catharsis makes it so that any time you trigger an elemental effect on an enemy, they’ll explode on death, dealing Amara’s element damage and any other element currently inflicted upon them to enemies in the blast radius.
  • Conflux gives you a chance to randomly electrocute, ignite, or melt an enemy any time you apply a status effect to them. Whatever the outcome, they’re going to die a very painful death.

Mystical Assault – Action Skill: Phasecast

Borderlands 3 gets a new trailer featuring Amara her skill treeWith this skill, Amara can create an astral projection that bombards her surroundings with a flurry of fists. As you progress in this skill tree, you can unlock more bonuses that activate as you use this action skill more often.

  • Transcend grants increased accuracy and critical hit bonus after activating an Action Skill.
  • Laid Bare makes enemies take increased damage from all sources after they get hit by your Action Skill—perfect for melting a boss’ health bar.
  • Avatar lets you activate your Action Skill while it’s still cooling down once per cooldown, effectively doubling your Action Skill output. It also increases your max Rush stacks, so you can trigger even bigger payoffs every time you cash in your accrued Rush with an Action Skill.

Brawl – Action Skill: Phaseslam

Borderlands 3 gets a new trailer featuring Amara her skill tree

In Borderlands 3, Amara is not only an elemental and mystical powerhouse, but she also has some serious melee capabilities. Brawl is made for those who consider themselves melee specialists. This skill knocks nearby enemies into the air with an earthshaking ground slam. As well, progression in this skill will also grant additional bonuses as you continue to use it.

  • Find Your Center ups your melee damage, with the added bonus of granting increased melee range after you use an Action Skill.
  • Guardian Angel makes you even tougher to take down: when you enter the Fight For Your Life downed state, you’ll immediately gain a Second Wind that restores health and creates an elemental nova that knocks back nearby enemies. It’s incredibly powerful but balanced by a lengthy cooldown.
  • Blitz puts the force of Amara’s Siren abilities into a powerful strike, delivering an amped-up melee attack that dashes a short distance and deals elemental melee damage. Best of all, Blitz’s cooldown instantly resets if you kill an enemy with it, so you can combo them together when slugging your way through large groups.

Borderlands 3 will be available on PS4 on September 13, 2019.


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