Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest event trailer

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest event starts this week, and Gearbox has just released a trailer to give the fans an idea of what to expect from the upcoming Halloween-themed seasonal event.

Once Bloody Harvest is active, a new character, called Maurice, will appear aboard the players’ ship, and will offer a repeatable mission in which the players will have to collect a certain amount of Hecktoplasm that will drop from haunted enemies.

The haunted enemies will be recognizable by their green glow, and they will appear across the entire galaxy during the event. Once the players collected enough Hecktoplasm, Maurice will grant them access to the setting of Bloody Harvest, called Heck. Worth noting that to participate, the players will need to have unlocked Sanctuary III in the story campaign.

The enemies that inhabit Heck will drop gear available exclusively during the seasonal event, including a legendary weapon while, outside of Heck, it will be possible to obtain new character skins, an ECHO device skin, a weapon trinket, and a weapon skin by completing a new set of challenges exclusive to Bloody Harvest.

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest event will start on October 24, and it will run until December 5.

Borderlands 3 Show Me The Eridium event is still running, and it will last until October 22, so there is some time left to take advantage of this event in which the drop rates of Eridium have been increased, and the costs of the items bought with it have been lowered.


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