It has been a few months since Borderlands 3 arrived with huge commercial and critical success, and the Gearbox first-person shooter has been constantly getting updates to keep players engaged in its universe of guns, guns, and more guns. However, even more exciting news about Borderlands 3 DLC is looming on the horizon as players continue to enjoy the Bloody Harvest event.

In a short video released on Twitter, we see the return of iconic villain Handsom Jack, albeit in hologram form. While he does not speak, it is likely that we will be seeing his return in one way or another. Details of the new Borderlands 3 DLC campaign will be revealed during The Borderlands Show on Twitch on Wednesday, November 20, at 8 AM PST.

This marks the first of four DLC campaigns planned for Borderlands 3, with Gearbox sharing the roadmap during PAX West. This will include the Maliwan Takedown event which begins November 21.

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