Borderlands 3 "So Happy Together" trailer is a beautiful mess

The Celebration of Togetherness from Borderlands 3 led to an amazing new trailer. The Borderlands 3 ‘So Happy Together’ trailer is a beautiful mess. The trailer is not only a great rendition of the iconic 1967 song by The Turtles, but a majestic choreography of madness and destruction that only Borderlands could pull off.  The new ‘So Happy Together’ trailer opens with Claptrap dancing around a presenting a box. After opening up the loot box, we can see a diorama where Zane starts dancing to the iconic tune.

The whole trailer is nothing more than a massive display of flying weapons, dancing enemies, shots, roses, and destruction everywhere. In a few words, and in under two minutes, the very essence of what makes Borderlands so amazing. This is by far one of the most creative trailers Borderlands has released. Borderlands 3 ‘So Happy Together’ shows a bit of every class and every character, while also reminding us why the series is so revered when it comes to its uniqueness and creativity. Borderlands 3 is soon to release on September 13, 2019.

Want some more Borderlands 3 news? Recently, it was announced that the game will support cross-play, just not at launch. Check out our complete coverage on this story here.



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