Borderlands 3 gets a "Thank You" trailer dedicated to the fans

Borderlands 3 has not been in a shortage of amazing trailers. Ever since the game was announced, the game has received Gearbox’s full support. The game has so far featured streams, epic, and exuberant trailers. For instance, it even got a magnificent rendition of the classic ‘Happy Together’ song by The Turtles in the form of a beautifully orchestrated trailer. Now, Borderlands 3 got a Thank You video. Gearbox dedicated this video to all the fans that have been backing the title since its announcement.

Check out Borderlands 3 Thank You video:

Gearbox presented the video at the very end of their PAX West 2019 presentation. The heartfelt video featured many of the staff that has been working on the game. The staff, including Randy Pitchford, thanked all the fans. They thanked them for being supportive and for their patience throughout Borderlands 3’s five-year development cycle.

Borderlands 3 gets a "Thank You" trailer dedicated to the fans

In addition, the video makes clearer than ever before how much dedication and love went into making Borderlands 3 the terrific sequel everyone is hoping it will be. The franchise has been a fan favorite ever since the original Borderlands released back in 2009. We are very close to finding out if Borderlands 3 will live up to everybody’s high expectations. The game will be available on September 13th on PS4. You can pre-order it right now on the PlayStation Store.



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