In a recent interview with 2K Australia, the developers behind the last-gen exclusive Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, several members of the team teased a current-gen release of the game. In fact, the developers said that the possibility of a PS4 release of the game lies almost solely on the success of the game when it launches this fall and customer demand.

Tony Lawrence, head of 2K Australia, began by saying that

“If fans say, ‘Hey, we’d really like this on a next-gen console,’ well, we’ll think about that.”

Matt Armstrong, the franchise director of Borderlands, then added

We’ll see how people react to the game, how much fun they have and whether or not everybody moves on to the next gen fully next year. “Requiring people to buy new hardware to play the middle [game in] a trilogy … feels a little disingenuous.”

Will you be picking up Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel when it launches for PS3 this fall? We would love to hear your thoughts below!


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