Bungie leaves a cryptic message to Destiny 2 player for reaching Power Level 1000


Yesterday a Destiny 2 player accomplished an impossible feat, they reached Power Level 1000. This player had been putting in 19 hour sessions per day just to get up to Power Level 999 in order to complete the dungeon in The Dreaming City, Shattered Throne, and see if an obscure bit of lore turned out to be true. The lore hinted that the boss, Dûl Incaru, needed to be killed whilst at a Power Level of 999. It said that this would unlock the true ending to The Dreaming City.

The Destiny 2 player, named Bagel4k, managed to kill this boss whilst at Power Level 999 last night, but nothing happened. The event was streamed on Twitch for many to witness, but unfortunately it didn’t look like anything was coded into the game in preparation for the achievement. Today however, Bungie has released a cryptic message for Bagel4K. Within the message seems to be hidden a rather menacing bit of lore, a message from Savathun, a sister of Oryx.

The message hints that Savathun benefitted from the player’s actions, and that they are coming to destroy all Guardians very soon. The message ends with an image that may have further hidden content to it, but only time will tell if this message can be deciphered.


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