The latest installment in the Call of Duty Black Ops franchise is including 4 classic maps. The only caveat for this content is that Black Ops 4 has to be pre-ordered on the PlayStation Store. During the intermission between showcases with Sid Shuman and Ryan Clements, the reveal popped off with a slick trailer of a bullet speeding through all of the classic maps. These consist of Summit, Firing Range, Slums, and Jungle from previous entries in the franchise.

The maps included in this pre-order exclusive pack are much smaller maps. They are designed for close quarters combat and constant run and gun action. It will be interesting to see the balance of these popular maps with the added gameplay mechanics in the latest Black Ops installment.

Does this reveal convince you to pre-order Black Ops 4 on the PlayStation Store? Are these the maps you would have chosen for the classic maps included in the new game? The fond memories of playing on these maps over the past decade can now be relived with new game mechanics and graphics when the game launches later this year.

As a final surprise before turning attention to a new topic, it was revealed by the intermission hosts that Black Ops 3 is heading to PS Plus subscribers this evening. Had your fill of WWII and want a more modern setting to tide you over to this year’s release? You can now return to BLOPS 3 this week and dominate your enemies in style!

Vincent Bystry
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