Call of Duty Modern Warfare Hands-Off: Positive changes for the franchise

Activision was kind enough to share a hands-off demo of Call of Duty Modern Warfare with us at E3. Before the demo, part of the development staff stated that their focus on Modern Warfare was applying all the feedback players have given them. According to the Call of Duty team, players have requested more moral complex characters and situations.

The demo was based on a terrorist attack that took place in London. Price and his team identified the whereabouts of the cell that caused the attack. It was a brief presentation and it did not go on with much flare as the presentation of the title did. This demo’s focus was mainly to showcase how the gameplay has been refined. Also, it touched some basics on how the narrative elements play a role in the game. The terrorists were established in what seemed an apartment building a couple of stories tall.  The mission to take out the cell took place at night. In classic Modern Warfare style, the night vision was activated.

More substance, less nonsensical shooting

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is an evolution on the mechanics of previous titles. The animations triggered when you lean through doors to gain a better position to shoot are much smoother. There’s a lot of destructible elements and the game seems a lot more tactical than it used to be. For a moment the mission felt like it was a Rainbow Six match.

The mission ended once the apartment building was cleared. After watching this short demo, with certainty this might be the most narrative-driven Call of Duty to date. Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s team repeatedly made emphasis before the demo started on how complex and fragile current political and economic relationships are around the world. This complexity in global power is what Infinity Ward aims to transmit to every player.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Hands-Off: Positive changes for the franchise

They do seem to be very dedicated in listening to players feedback. The game will not have a season pass. Instead of that, Call of Duty Modern Warfare will have free content coming after the release date. The game’s story, co-op mode, and PvP will all have a relation with one another and will help the story progress. We are still not clear on what Infinity Ward has stored for this mechanic. Although, they promised updates on this matter on a later date.

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