Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer will be unveiled on August 1

Activision went from silence to full loud in the past 48 hours. Yesterday it was announced that today, the new Gunfight mode was going to be unveiled on Twitch by 4 streamers. Today, they announced through their official site that the whole Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer experience will be unveiled on August 1st. This time on Activision’s Twitch channel. Although we know the date, it is still unclear at what time the stream will begin.

The reveal of this mode will be particularly interesting. Activision has been very vocal about how this and all modes in the game have a unified progression system. According to Activision, Modern Warfare unified progression system aims to unite the community, with plans to support cross-play between platforms and eliminating the traditional seasonal pass to offer a greater combination of maps, content and free community events, which they will be after the launch.

This community focus has us curious as to how this new approach will translate to the multiplayer mechanics. Call of Duty has added many game modes and maps across their varied repertoire of titles. But, this sounds and seems like a radical reboot for a formula that has been implemented for over a decade now.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer will be unveiled on August 1

Are you tunning into Modern Warfare’s multiplayer reveal? Sound off in the comments below!

Speaking about reveals, Capcom is not lagging behind Activision. A new trailer and tons of new information for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne were revealed today. Check out our coverage here.


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