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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Special Ops trailer details mode changes

modern warfare update version 1.04

A new Call of Duty Modern Warfare Special Ops trailer shows off some gameplay for the mode in the latest entry to the series. The trailer also details some of the ways in which the game mode has evolved in this latest Call of Duty game. Check the trailer out below and read on for more details.

The trailer boasts that this is the next evolution of Special Ops for the Call of Duty franchise. In it we can see that up to four players will work together to complete objectives over a huge area. The scope of Special Ops in Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been increased exponentially, with players moving from the ground, to vehicles, the air, and back down again. It’s clear that as they complete each objective, players will need to travel to the next area so that they can continue to complete more.

Within the trailer we see players entering a building, with dozens of enemy soldiers in the way. This indicates that players will be facing off against waves of enemies as they work through each objective. The audio for this scene also speaks about players taking down key targets in the enemy faction, revealing a boss-like enemy at the critical moment. Clearly players will need to take these enemies down in order to progress, though whether there is one at each objective remains unclear.

The most interesting parts of the trailer show players driving from the building at the beginning, to a plane that they must enter whilst still driving. Along the way we see an aircraft shooting at players, as well as enemy vehicles, showing that there’s no respite between objectives. Once on the plane, players must fight their way to through against more enemies, only to blast their way out and parachute back down to a new objective.

It’s possible that a set number of objectives will exist, but players are rewarded for the most they manage to complete, if they don’t finish the entire Special Ops mission. Playstation 4 players will have an exclusive slice of Special Ops mode available only to them for the first year after Call of Duty Modern Warfare launches. This exclusive content is called Survival Mode, and sounds like it will be an extra difficulty modifier on top of Spec Ops mode. We see a player get revived in this trailer, so maybe in Survival Mode there will be no revives, or a limited number of them at least.


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