It would seem a new Resident Evil title from Capcom is on the horizon. At least, if reports of playtests of a new game in the series are to be believed.

Originally confined to just Japan, the Resident Evil Ambassador program has extended the invitation to participate in said playtests to North America, according to Biohaze. Being a member of the Ambassador program is definitely not enough to net you a spot, but you can apply in the hopes of being one of the first few in the world to check out the next game.

Another caveat is that travel and such will not be covered by the company, and has to be paid for by ambassadors themselves.

Capcom has scheduled several sessions in late September in North America, and the first will be held in Los Angeles, California, and will take place on either September 20 or 21. This will then be followed by New York City, New York, on either September 23 or 24. Of course, those chosen will have more details and information regarding the playtests.

The new Resident Evil title may either be a full numbered sequel, or the much rumoured Resident Evil 3 Remake. There is no saying until we get more information after these playtests. If you are interested in the opportunity, you can sign up to be a Resident Evil Ambassador here.

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