Catherine is back and better than before with Catherine: Full Body. I adored Catherine back in 2011 when it launched on PS3 and Xbox 360. This is the same studio that’s behind the beloved the Persona franchise, and that shines through in Catherine. The characters are extremely charming and convivial. The writing is fantastic and hilarious at times. Things can go from wacky to dark and dreary in an instant. Very much like the Persona series. However, Catherine dives deep into one area, infidelity.

Vincent isn’t married to his longtime girlfriend Katherine (with a K), but she wants to get married and move further in their relationship. However, Vincent is hesitant. Then, he somehow unknowingly spends the night with a gorgeous stranger that he just met, Catherine (with a C). After that, his life turns into trials and tribulations of trying to escape his nightmares. This is where the gameplay comes to play.

Q-Bert Full Body

Picture of the most advanced version of Q-Bert that you can imagine. Your goal is to get to the top of the tower without being killed or falling off. While the original Catherine launched to critical acclaim, one of the biggest critiques was its difficulty. It was really hard. Luckily, Catherine: Full Body offers an easy mode that still a good challenge. Along with that, there’s a “safety mode” if you just want to follow the story. Which, by all means, is still worth playing just for the story. If you’re not a fan of the gameplay or puzzle games in general, I still highly recommend Catherine: Full Body. There’s more than just this style of gameplay in the game.

When you’re not being tortured in your nightmares, you’re spending your nightlife at the Stray Sheep. It’s the bar where Vincent and his buddies spend a lot of their time. The rapport between these characters is very charming. The story that’s unfolding outside of the nightmares is intriguing as well. There are a bunch of murders happening in the area and Vincent Brooks takes notice that they are connected the dreams he’s been having. Then, during all of that chaos, he’s trying to figure out what he’s going to do with his relationship with Katherine with a K and if he should tell her about what he did with Catherine with a C.

The relaxed night-life portion of Catherine: Fully Body is simply a treat. Hanging out with your buddies, texting your girlfriend(s), and living the daily terrible life of Vincent Brooks is a blast. You’ll likely find yourself rushing through other segments of the game so you can get back to the bar.

Newly introduced in Catherine: Full Body is the new Qatherine (with a Q?) who just goes by Rin. This whole portion of the game is brand new. I love that Atlus was able to get back the wildly popular Troy Baker to do more lines for Vincent. On top of that, Laura Bailey also returned to do more lines as Catherine. Here I was thinking they were big shots that wouldn’t come back to a game like this. Kudos to them! Anyway, while Rin’s story does seem like it was weirdly melted into the main plot, it’s still great getting to know her and doing the stuff that involves her character. I don’t want to dive deep into story details involving Rin because it is the new portion of Catherine: Full Body. Let’s just say Vincent really cannot catch a break in this game.

The Difference

Atlus and the Persona Studio worked hard to make this the definitive Catherine experience. There are brand new branching story paths that give you a reason to re-play the game. On top of that, Full Body gives us new scenes and animated cinematics that add more to the current storyline, as well as a deeper look into Vincent and Katherine’s past. Finally, in case you already played the original Catherine and are looking for a fresh experience, you can choose to play the game in “remix mode”. It adds compact linked blocks to once-familiar levels, requiring new strategies to conquer them.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the question many of you probably have lingering is “is Catherine: Full Body worth playing if I’ve already experienced the original?” My answer to that I a resounding yes. The new gameplay modes, enhanced visuals, and additional story content make an already-enthralling experience even more captivating. This is a must-play PS4 game.

Release Date: September 3, 2019
No. of Players: 1 player (online multiplayer)
Category: puzzle, sim
Publisher: Atlus, Sega (parent)
Developer: Atlus, Studio Zero

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Catherine: Full Body


Final Score



  • Fun puzzle gameplay
  • Deep narrative with an engaging plot
  • Fantastic characters and writing
  • Impressive new "Full Body" content
  • Presentation and style


  • Movement during puzzle action can feel a bit stiff
  • Some odd censorship in US version
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