Code Vein demo available now for bloodsucking action - 1

The more anime take on the Dark Souls genre, Code Vein, will be launching near the end of September, and fans can get into the world early with a free demo. Available now on the PlayStation Store for the PS4, players will get to create their own Revenant and jump straight into the game’s starting area.

Code Vein demo available now for bloodsucking action - 3

For those of you looking for a challenge, there is a dungeon called The Depths that is also free to be explored. A new trailer showcasing the various environments in the demo was released by Bandai Namco, which also reveals some of the deadly foes and the character creation option available in this preview of Code Vein.

The game had a network test back in May, and also provided access to the opening areas and even a taste of multiplayer, albeit locked to certain players only. Code Vein places an emphasis of cooperative multiplayer, and is a departure from the more ambiguous nature of the Souls series. Players will also be able to respec their characters easily, group up with allies, and take the fight to the bloodthirsty beasts that roam the land.

Code Vein demo available now for bloodsucking action - 2

As a Revenant, it is up to you to challenge the Lost, remnants of past Revenants giving in to their lust for blood, and save the post-apocalyptic world from impending doom this coming September 27 for the PS4 and other platforms.

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