We finally know when we can sink our teeth into Code Vein, Bandai Namco’s anime-styled Dark Souls-like. It will be hitting PS4 on September 28, just one day after the Japanese release.  There’s also a Collector’s Editon but, for now, it looks like it’s only coming to Japan and Europe. It includes a collector’s box, a code for something called an “Insatiable Bloodthirst” customization set, an artbook, the soundtrack, and a 17 cm tall Mia Karnstein figurine.

If you need more of a refresher on what the game is, check out the new trailer below. It doesn’t have a lot of gameplay, mostly just story, but it is super stylish. It’s clear to me that Bandai Namco put a lot of time and money into this one. I really think it’s going to be good. But can it come close to the standards set by Dark Souls for a hard as nails action RPG? I’m unsure. But the story will be cool at least!

Tyler Wise
Been a fan of video games ever since I opened up a Game Boy with Pokemon Yellow one Christmas far too long ago. I even taught myself to read by playing it! From then on, games and words have always been linked for me. I found that what I really liked about video games (and every other thing I owned) was the stories they held. I'm honored to be here, using my words to talk about the wonderful worlds that games can take us to.


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