Concrete Genie free holiday brush

Concrete Genie is celebrating this holiday season with its free holiday brush pack which is available now. Pixelopus’ Creative Director, Dominic Robillard, posted in the PlayStation Blog today to deliver the great news. Robillard stated that when the studio was working on Concrete Genie, it knew the risks of working on a project with such a personal message. Moreover, he talks about how much of an overwhelming surprise it was for it when Concrete Genie received such a good reception. As a gift from Pixelopus’ team to all those who have supported the game, it released the free Holiday Brush Design Pack today.

Furthermore, patch 1.06 is a requirement to access this new content. After the download, players will get a message asking if they want to activate the new reworked brushes. Once this message is accepted, gamers will be able to access all the holiday-themed brushes. The Concrete Genie Holiday Brush Design Pack includes reworked versions of existing brushes to resemble the season. Decorated trees, Santa hats, and many other surprises await for all the fans of Denska. Lastly, if you haven’t tried the game yet, you might want to check out our Concrete Genie review. It is a fantastic game!



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