Control will receive free game content soon and two expansions in 2020

Control was well received by both critics and the game community on PS4 alike. Today, 505 Games revealed that Control is getting a good bunch of additional content on PS4. Remedy Entertainment is hard at work creating many interesting upcoming features and two paid expansions coming on 2020. These are the highlights of the free updates coming soon:

Photo Mode

Remedy is developing a much needed Photo Mode! Control is a gorgeous looking game, and screen captures don’t make it justice in most of the cases. This mode will become available this fall as a free update.

New Game Mode – Control Game Expeditions

A new game mode called Expeditions will be available in December. This mode will include challenging new end-game content. If you haven’t finished Control, spoilers ahead. In these Expeditions, you will help Security Chief Arish explore a strange Formation and its unusual surroundings. Expeditions in Control will be the greatest challenges the game has offered so far. This update will be free to all players.

Control Game Expansions

Besides the upcoming free content, Control is getting two paid full expansions in 2020. These expansions are titles ‘The Foundation’ and ‘AWE’ respectively. Both expansions will feature new missions, enemies, game mechanics, and teams. Also, both expansions will take place in new locations within the Oldest House.

The Foundation

This Control expansion will center in the history of the game’s setting, the Oldest House. Thus, by a petition of the Board, Jesse explores what lies in the very core of the Oldest House. She will unravel what lies beneath the Bureau as she sets order to the Foundation and the Oldest House.


In this Control expansion, Jesse will visit a new game area. This section of the Oldest House, the Investigation Sector, is where the Bureau closely dissects the events that transpire in the Altered World.

Control will receive free game content soon and two expansions in 2020Control’s PS4 Digital Deluxe Edition includes both game expansions at no additional cost. In addition, this version also includes an extra side mission ‘Isolation’ and an exclusive outfit for Jesse. If you have the regular version of the game, but you’re interested in the expansions, the Season Pass is up for preorders in the PlayStation Store now. Lastly, each expansion will also be sold separately with PS4 receiving ‘The Foundation’ expansion first.

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