Crypto is your new Apex Legends character - 1

It certainly did not take long, once Apex Legends players began to sneak a peek at a yet-to-be-revealed character hidden away in the battle royale, Respawn Entertainment has now officially announced a new legend to join the fight. A story trailer accompanies Crypto’s entrance into the battle arena.

Crypto is your new Apex Legends character - 2

Crypto the hacker is the 11th playable legend, and will arrive in Apex Legends with other content this coming October 1, which is also the commencement date of Season 3.

The trailer shows us Crypto with who we assume is his sister, Mila Alexander. After discovering a weird security protocol in the King’s Canyon database, Mila begins to decrypt the file with her new interface package. The symbol that appears seems to point towards the fact that it has been Mila’s hacking software that Crypto has been using to hack into King’s Canyon.

An algorithm that can predict who will be the winner of the next Apex Games is discovered by the pair, which is not ideal when it comes to betting and potential scams.

The pair disagreed on the use of the algorithm, with Crypto against the idea of using it for their own gain. The pair separates, only for the news of Mila’s abduction and death, orchestrated by the Syndicate, to break the following morning, with her brother painted as the killer. Thus begins the revenge plan of Crypto, who adopts a new look and get cybernetic implants, and his attacks on the Syndicate and the Apex Games.

Season 3 will also bring a new battle pass, Meltdown, which gives players over 100 items to earn. The Charge Rifle is being added, and a new Ranked Series will let players go even higher in the leaderboards. More details will be revealed soon.

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