EVO is an exciting time for fighting game enthusiasts. Whether you’re an advocate of Super Smash Bros.Street Fighter, or Samurai Shodown, the tournaments are full of electrifying moments. One electrifying moment that happened during the tournament was a video featuring Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series during the Tekken 7 section of the event. Fans speculated that this was a tease for Snake becoming a guest character. A game which already features Negan from The Walking Dead and Noctis from Final Fantasy XV.

Hopes were dashed however when EVO’s official twitter page came out to reveal that it wasn’t a character tease. Rather, it was the presenter’s idea of a joke. David Hayter, whose voice was utilized for the clip, fired back at EVO on Twitter. Stating that there was no permission granted to the tournament organizers to use the character or Hayter’s voice.

It’s an incredibly messy situation for EVO. Audience members and the internet as a whole reacted negatively to the entire ordeal. Undermining Bandai Namco’s reveals for the 3rd season DLC packs (as everyone was expecting Snake to be showcased). We’ll keep you updated on PlayStation Enthusiast when the actual characters from that pack get announced.

Daniel Thompson
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