Days Gone's Sony Bend in pre-production for next project - Days Gone

With Sony Bend’s Days Gone only getting better with the amount of post-launch support, you would think the developers have not yet moved on to something new. However, that is all set to change if a LinkedIn profile is to be believed. Senior Staff Lighting Lead, Jeremey Vickery, who was involved in Days Gone as well, has stated that he is “now involved in the pre-production planning for our next title.”

Days Gone's Sony Bend in pre-production for next project

Again, we have no idea what this next project will be. It could be a sequel to Sony Bend’s adventures with Deacon St John, or it could be something entirely new. Many fans have been clamoring for the return of Syphon Filter, and with Days Gone being connected to that world, Sony Bend could easily be building out their own universe.

With the innovation put in place in Days Gone, it is proof that the studio and the developers can bring something new to the table. We are definitely going to keep an eye out on what comes next, and we will keep you posted.

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