Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy explained by developers


Behaviour Interactive have explained a little more about Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy, the fourteenth expansion chapter to come to Dead by Daylight. This expansion will bring a new survivor, killer, and map to the game, opening up more ways for players to torture each other, or work together, and some brand new places to hide and be hunted in. Check out the video below and read on for more details.

Cursed legacy introduces the Oni killer. This character links with another killer already in Dead by Daylight, and now the story of the curse he brought upon the Yamaoka family can be fully explored. This samurai warrior is called an Oni, which means demon or ogre, because of the choices he made in life, indicating that he basically disobeyed his master and started killing and offering souls to the Entity way before that evil force needed it.

Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy is an interesting expansion, because it builds upon the lore of the game in a much deeper way than many of the others do. Cursed Legacy will add context to a lot of the story and world building that has already been done in the game, and that should be popular for the fans who play it on a daily basis.


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