Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy revealed as next chapter


Last week we covered the news of a teaser trailer for Dead by Daylight Chapter 14, which showed some Japanese imagery, and a very creepy vibe. Now that chapter has been revealed as Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy, which looks to implement an 80s theme as well as an ancient legacy that seems to be haunting the new playable character in the game. Check out the new trailer for Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy below, and read on for more details.

The new update will bring a brand new killer for players to take on the role of, The Oni. This killer looks like a giant Samurai warrior, wielding a huge sword that looks as though it can slice apart any survivor in one hit. It’s important to note that Oni are demons in Japanese mythology, so the appearance of this killer isn’t the only representation of an Oni.

Also included in the expansion is a new survivor, Kimura Yui. The trailer makes it look like the Oni is hunting Kimura specifically, maybe because of something in her past. Finally, the expansion will also add Sanctum of Wrath to Dead by Daylight, a new map.All of this additional content should make the game feel fresh and new, even to players who hunt others down on a daily basis.


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