Dead or Alive 6 Hot Summer Costume Pack available now


The Dead or Alive 6 Hot Summer Costume Pack is now available for players to purchase in Dead or Alive 6. This is the second of the two Revival packs for Dead or Alive 6, allowing players to dress each character up in even more hot summer costumes. Check out the trailer for the Hot Summer Costume Pack below and read on for more details.

In total there are 16 new costumes for players to use, though they don’t apply to either Mai or Kula, who aren’t part of the pack. The trailer shows off the new content coming to Dead or Alive 6 with the game’s third season pass. In addition to these two Revival costume packs, players can also claim an additional character, and five debut costumes.

Considering that Dead or Alive 6 launched in March 2019, the game has done well to get through so much additional content in such a short time. The season pass content appears to be as common as the battle pass content in Fortnite, or even the new season pass system in Destiny 2. Only time will tell if even more DLC comes to Dead or Alive 6, but considering the rate at which it’s launching, it seems likely that we’ll be getting more soon.


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