In just under a month, gamers everywhere will be able to experience the genius/madness that is Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, and we can certainly expect some twists and turns based on Kojima’s past work. Story and exposition have always been at the forefront of a Kojima title, and the upcoming exclusive is likely to be as well.

However, it already has a ringing endorsement from Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, who had some favourable things to say about Death Stranding.

I’d compare the story to a really well done Netflix original series. It feels like I reached only half of that series, and there are still many possibilities for what could happen next.

Granted, Netflix has its share of disappointments, but also certainly some gems that have garnered plenty of love and critical acclaim. Yoshida continues by saying that players will “definitely cry when reaching the second half of the game. Kojima Productions’ staff told me this, and even the debuggers at Sony told me this as well.”

Looks like we are headed into some emotional territory with Norman Reedus as Sam Bridges, and as we know, there will be some deaths along the way come November 8 when Death Stranding releases on PS4.

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