Death Stranding Beach Trailer PS4

Death Stranding has a new trailer, this time it features the Beach. The Hideo Kojima game released almost a month from today on PS4. Even when that’s the case, there are some trailers still coming out, puzzling those who haven’t dived into the game. This new trailer features one of the most enigmatic elements from the game, the Beaches. To be more specific, these Beaches are one of the central points of the game’s plot. You can take a look at the Death Stranding Beach trailer below.

In particular, this trailer gives out the majority of the mystery away. Still, I wouldn’t consider it a major spoiler. Mainly because the way it is presented is the equivalent of getting is a single piece of a 100-piece puzzle. But, if you really want to get into the game with a clean slate, you might want to skip this one. Death Stranding is so cryptic that even in the final chapters of the game, you will have a lot of questions unanswered. The game answers one mystery for you, but solving that enigma opens more questions. If you want to know more about the game without any spoilers, we reviewed Death Stranding a few weeks ago. You might want to take a look! Death Stranding is already available on PS4, you can get it on the PlayStation Store for $59.99.


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