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Arguably the biggest game still to hit PlayStation 4 this year is Death Stranding. Any project from Hideo Kojima is always of note but this marks the first time that he is unconstrained by anything but himself and technology. After the acrimonious split from Konami, he decided to go it alone and set up Kojima Productions. Death Stranding will be the new studios first title. As with any project from the Japanese master, there are still lots of questions about the game, even though we are just a few months away from release. Well, thanks to a Tweet from Hideo Kojima’s Twitter account we now know that you will be able to play the game from a first-person view. You can check out the Tweet below –

I find it kind of funny that he feelds as though he has to point out that Death Stranding is not a first person shooter! However, I do applaud the inclusion of a first-person view option. I remember when Grand Theft Auto V was brought to this generation of consoles and they included a first-person view option. It encouraged me to play through the game again from that viewpoint. It’ll be interesting to see if this option makes people play through Death Stranding an extra time. More than anything, though, it’s good to give gamers choice and this is definitely something that some gamers are interested in.

You can check out Death Stranding in third-person or first-person view when it launches for PlayStation 4 on 8th November. And if you’re unfamiliar with the game or want to try to piece together some more clues about the cryptic game, you can check out almost 9 minutes worth of footage in the trailer below –


Steve Clist
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