Hideo Kojima’s latest work,¬†Death Stranding, could well be a PlayStation 5 title!

As Sony unveiled details about the new generation console with Lead System Architect, Mark Cerny, he was asked if the upcoming PS4 release will also come to the PS5.

Cerny mentioned that the transition from PS4 to next-gen will be “gentle,” with multiple games launching on both platforms. When questioned on how Kojima’s Death Stranding fits into all this, Cerny reportedly just smiled and did not give a reply.

A spokesperson then reiterated that the game would come to PS4.

An open-world action title, Death Stranding has left many wondering what it really is since its E3 2016 reveal. Players will assume the role of Sam Bridges, part of a mysterious organisation that explores a devastated world with ominous and invisible enemies.

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