Right now, critics around the world are making their way through a mysterious universe created by industry legend, Hideo Kojima, in Death Stranding. Ahead of its November 1 embargo, it is pertinent to remind everyone that there is the risk of spoilers anytime you search for info on the game.

However, that does not mean the people behind the game are willing to let spoilers ruin the experience for fans. Tommie Earl Jenkins, the actor behind Die-Hardman, has asked reviewers to be careful of revealing too much so as not to ruin fans’ enjoyment of Death Stranding.

“If you have copies of Death Stranding for review please don’t spoil it for others who are still waiting patiently to experience it.” He added, “They want to enjoy it the same way you did. Let’s connect and respect.”

He also warned Death Stranding fans to be wary, and that if you really want to stay away from potential spoilers, you should be off social media in the coming weeks. “I know you are excited and waiting patiently for the game to drop. Me too! But maybe stay off social media until November 1. There are likely to be spoilers and some people just can’t help but spoil it for others,” Jenkins said

An encouraging take from someone who has worked on the game and knows how dear a Hideo Kojima experience is to fans of his previous work.

Death Stranding launches on the PS4 this November 8.

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