Death Stranding Gamescom gameplay trailer featured Geoff Keighley

Hideo Kojima went on stage today to present Death Stranding’s gameplay trailer at Gamescom. He mentioned that a ‘star’ was going to be featured in the trailer. To everyone’s surprise, Death Stranding Gamescom gameplay trailer featured Geoff Keighley. Besides Geoff appearance, there was also, well, peeing. It seems every time Death Stranding teases its gameplay it manages to confuse us or weird us out more. Babies, invisible hands, peeing, everything’s here.

The gameplay trailer showed how Sam navigated an expanse of land to deliver a package. This package was delivered to no other than Geoff Keighley. Mainly, the trailer shows how ladders work to connect distances and climb to objectives and how the baby you carry reacts to your movements. In one of the scenes, Sam falls from a high place and then he has to calm the baby down because the abrupt motion made him cry. Aside from this seven-minute gameplay trailer, there was also a trailer that gave a little more insight about the baby.

As well, Mama, a character played by Margaret Qualley also received a trailer during the Death Stranding Gamescon presentation. There’s a cryptic scene of Mama comforting an invisible baby, which then she explains is her daughter. This even weirds of Sam in the trailer. As much as we would like to describe it, this trailer is better experienced than described.

In summary, Death Stranding’s Gamescom presentation showed us Geoff Keighley, peeing, a huge ladder, and an invisible baby.

Talking about Gamescom surprises, Sony announced they acquired Insomniac Games, read all about it here.


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