death stranding gameplay

While there’s been a lot of Death Stranding info revealed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS), there’ still quite nothing like seeing the real thing for yourself. Today, we get to see almost an hour’s worth of Death Stranding gameplay, and this one has subtitles for those of us who don’t understand Japanese. Sure, the gameplay shown is from the stage demo where legendary game creator Hideo Kojima showed off the game, but this time, we can actually understand what he’s saying.

Unfortunately, though, only Kojima’s dialogue has been translated. The gameplay dialogue, is still in Japanese, though the UI (User Interface) is a mix of both Japanese and English, so it’s not that hard to see what’s going on. If you ever want to watch the game’s protagonist Sam (played by actor Norman Reedus) traverse the game world while Kojima explains what’s happening, now’s your chance to do so.

Death Stranding is set for release this November 8 exclusively on the PS4.

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