A new Death Stranding performance capture video goes behind the scenes of the game, highlighting how many of the actors were turned into the renditions of them that you see and interact with in-game. Often this process isn’t shown off by developers, with Naughty Dog being one of the few to reveal so much about the process in the past. Check out the video below and read on for more details.

As you can see from the video, many different techniques are used to capture an actor’s likeness and recreate it in a game. One such method is a head-mounted camera that focuses on the actor’s face, recording every single movement, while sensors on the actor’s face also record those movements. Later in the process, these two sets of data are brought together when the actor’s character is created in the game, making for a much more realistic character, and very accurate performance.

Another part of performance capture is the entire body suit that all actors wear during the capture process. These suits record all of an actor’s movements, meaning that even if the developers are just trying to record what is going on with the actor’s face, they can also use what the actor does with their body to make for more realistic animations in-game, as well as cutscenes.


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