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Death Stranding review embargo is the 1st of November 2019


The Death Stranding review embargo date has been officially revealed as the 1st of November 2019. As of this date, reviews for Death Stranding will be going up on press sites everywhere, giving eager players an idea of what the game will be like to play.

A review embargo is the date from which press outlets can post their reviews of a game. Should an outlet post a review before this they could be in serious trouble, since many require an NDA before a copy of the game is provided.

Up until today the most recent news we had for Death Stranding was the possible file size for the game, though even that is steeped in doubt due to a possible day one patch. Now however, we know when we’ll be able to read reviews on all the major games press sites, as well as all the others that have managed to get their hands on a review copy. Sometimes press sites pass a game over for a review in favour of something bigger or more popular on the horizon. With Death Stranding, we don’t see that happening on any press site.

The exact timing for the Death Stranding review embargo is 12am PT on Friday the 1st of November 2019. This is seven days before the game launches on the 8th of November a week later, meaning we all have a decent amount of time to wait before we get our hands on Death Stranding, having read these reviews. The length of time between the review embargo and the release date might be down to the length of the game, and should give reviewers enough time to play a good amount of Death Stranding prior to posting their scores.

Death Stranding is going to be a big game. The fact that all reviewers are allowed to say right now is that they are reviewing the game, shows just how secretive Sony is being about it, but also that any aspect of the game could give away many others. In a game about connections, it’s likely that everything is connected, and therefore spoilers are likely to be unavoidable when talking about the game.

For Hideo Kojima, this is the first game he’s produced as an independent developer with his company, Kojima Productions. The game will likely shape his future, and determine whether or not Kojima Productions goes on to make any more games, regardless of whether or not they’re in the Death Stranding universe.


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