Decay of Logos gets a launch trailer and a game concept art gallery

Decay of Logos, a new game by Amplify, is close to its release on PS4. Ricardo Teixeira, from Amplify, shed a little more light on how this project came to be. Teixeira explained that the studio was working mostly in developing Unity tools, when André, their programmer, joined the team. According to Teixeira, André had more in his mind than his tasks at hand. He brought in an idea, which became the origin of what would eventually become Decay of Logos, a complete game from Amplify. To celebrate the game is coming close to its release date, Amplify made a launch trailer and a game concept art gallery available during Gamescom. You can check the concept art here.

The story of the hardships and challenges that eventually lead to the creation of the game, resonates with the heroine in Decay of Logos. The story centers in Ada, right after her village gets burned to the ground. This event will set her on an adventure bigger than she could have ever imagined. Ada is no warrior, but her desire for revenge is enough to help her overcome the obstacles and enemies she’ll encounter in her path. Decay of Logos will release soon, you can get the game on PS4 on August 27.

Speaking of upcoming content, Mortal Kombat 11 recently revealed its full DLC roster, read all about it here.


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