With multiplayer being such a core component of the Call of Duty franchise, it comes as no surprise that Infinity Ward is pulling out all the stops for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

This includes dedicated servers for the first-person shooter across all platforms, alongside the much touted cross-platform play. The news comes via the Game Informer cover story for the month of September.

That is not all, of course. Infinity Ward has a comprehensive plan to breath new life into the multiplayer scene, with more maps, unified progression, and more. New weapon customization tools will also be given to players to make their Call of Duty: Modern Warfare experience even more tailored to them.

From the same story, we were also introduced to the Tamagunchis, an optional accessory that can be equipped in multiplayer or the co-op mode, Spec Ops. The 90s throwback virtual pet has a twist, however, they feed off your kills. As Art Director Joel Emslie stated, go too long without eliminating someone and your Tamagunchis “will rot and die.”

The novel idea came about after a coder devised a way to synch the in-game wristwatch to a console’s internal clock to show real-world time, and the idea grew from there.

Tamagunchis will react directly to your performance, and give feedback if you that you are killing it or doing badly by going “Ya-ta” and making some noise, or just dying. They can even evolve beyond their egg forms if you put together a long streak of eliminations.

Such interesting ideas are sure to shake a familiar formula for many of Call of Duty fans, one recent trend, however, is being dropped from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

According to co-multiplayer Design Director, Joe Cecot, the upcoming reboot will not have a battle royale mode. Instead, the new mode Gunfight will bring fast-paced action in a 2v2 setting in a bid to freshen things up.

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