Destiny 2 draws up nerfs for weapons ahead of Shadowkeep launch - Pinnacle Weapons

As a new age of Destiny 2 prepares to dawn upon players on October 1 with the Shadowkeep expansion, Bungie has detailed in its latest blog post a swathe of changes that are vital to the player base.

One of which is that a selection of guns is getting nerfed, a product of the tweaks made to the effectiveness of particular weapon perks that can stack up for increased damage output. The Recluse, a pinnacle submachine gun that has been invaluable to plenty of Guardians, will be one of the more high-profile casualties of this change.

Destiny 2 draws up nerfs for weapons ahead of Shadowkeep launch - Recluse

According to Bungie,

Legendary weapons have become too powerful overall. In many cases, they even outclass Exotic Primary weapons, so we’re walking them all back a bit. All the way back in original Destiny, we had a perk named Crowd Control, which was Rampage’s predecessor.

Crowd Control capped out at a bonus of +15% extra damage. At this point in Destiny 2, Rampage caps out at about +67%. That’s a 447% increase from the original iteration. Legendary damage perks have become so powerful, they simply invalidate non-damage related perks.

Director Luke Smith has also previously stated that the way damage worked in Destiny 2 made it hard for people without certain weapons, perks, or buffs, to enjoy the game properly.

Destiny 2 draws up nerfs for weapons ahead of Shadowkeep launch - Redrix's Broadsword

In response, the following perks will have their effectiveness curtailed in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

  • Rampage
  • Kill Clip
  • Swashbuckler
  • Multikill Clip
  • Desperado
  • Surrounded
  • Master of Arms
  • Onslaught

While some of the perks appear on several weapons, three of them are aimed at a few guns at the top of the food chain. The Recluse’s Master of Arms perk gives a huge damage boost to the gun when you kill with any other weapon is getting nerfed, so are the Desperado perk of the Redrix’s Broadsword pinnacle pulse rifle and the Onslaught perk of the Breakneck pinnacle auto rifle.

Destiny 2 draws up nerfs for weapons ahead of Shadowkeep launch - Breakneck

Not much information has been detailed, but Bungie did share a few pertinent notes on how the perks are being changed. They will now “”use the same damage multipliers for PvE that they did in PvP.” The Rampage tweak will not affect The Huckleberry, an Exotic submachine gun; Onslaught and Desperado will affect bullet impact values in PvE activities, and Surrounded will no longer multiply precision damage over base damage

The Shadowkeep expansion for Destiny 2 will also phase out pinnacle weapons with the ritual weapons, which are easier to obtain but less powerful overall.

With all these changes coming, as well as Armor 2.0, do check out our guide on how best to prepare for Shadowkeep come this October 1.

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