Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost trailer shows off the event this year

destiny 2 update version 1.43

Today Bungie released the final trailer for Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Festival of the Lost. The video shows off the cosmetic items that players can earn during the course of the event, as well as some of the more premium content, including The Haunted forest, and the BrayTech Werewolf. Check out the trailer below and read on for more details.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Festival of The Lost is the Halloween event in Destiny 2 that returns each year. The Haunted Forest is the event’s exclusive activity that makes use of the Infinite Forest, which the Vex use to predict the future. Players enter a haunted branch of the Infinite Forest, and have 15 minutes to fight their way through as many areas as possible, until they reach the end for an epic boss fight and reward.

This year’s Haunted Forest features a number of improvements over last year’s. For example, there will now be deadly enemies that spawn and follow players from the start of a run to the finish, something that many players thought would be a fun new mechanics. Only time will tell if being chased by an invincible knight is something that can be called fun. One thing is for sure with this feature, it’ll help push players forward through each area.

Festival of the Lost brings two new in-game currencies into play for Destiny 2, Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins. Candy is used to purchase Mysterious Grab Bags, for cosmetic items, as well as the event-exclusive weapons, the BrayTech Werewolf auto rifle. Players will use Chocolate Strange Coins to purchase Mask Ornaments, allowing them to change the appearance of their mask to one of a few on offer this year, each offering its own benefits.

In addition to the activity and cosmetics, there’s a new armour set for each class to earn. These will be what players keep and run with for the rest of the year, until Festival of the Lost comes back to the game for 2020.

This is the first Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 since Bungie split with Activision. While the developer has done a great job of looking after their game, and providing an improved content flow for players, they’re lacking the financial backing that Activision provided. Events like Festival of the Lost bring new optional microtransactions to the game, which may help fund further development moving into 2020. Even though most of the Destiny 2 community doesn’t enjoy these microtransactions, they’re an important part of the game now, maybe more than ever.


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