destiny 2 update version 1.42

After today’s Destiny 2 maintenance, Bungie has rolled out a Destiny 2 update that brings in fixes to some nagging problems players might have experienced the past few days. Called hotfix by Bungie, PS4 gamers should see it as Destiny 2 update version 1.42. It’s a small download weighing in at just 140MB. Check out the full Destiny 2 update version 1.42 patch notes below.


  • Fixed an issue where certain characters in player names and clan fields could cause Squirrel and Weasel errors
    • Clan names should no longer be truncated
  • Fixed an issue where Nightmare hunts Time Trial Master triumph would not progress correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Nightfall: The Ordeal would not drop a powerful reward for players who had already completed the Vanguard Strikes Challenge
  • Fixed an issue that provoked the temporary deactivation of rally banners and the “Tire Game” in the Sanctuary vendor space on the Moon
  • Fixed an issue where the Servitor spawning in the Gofannon forge could crash the game
  • Fixed an issue where running the game as an admin could create a “steam_appid.txt” file that would cause a
  • Tuned matchmaking in patrol destinations to increase player population

In case you haven’t seen it yet, go check out the world’s first-ever completion of the Shadowkeep raid, Garden of Salvation.

Source: Bungie


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