What will be the last of the known seasonal content for Destiny 2 and its Season of the Undying is now underway, with changes being made to a familiar activity, now a new and tougher boss awaits players at the end of the Black Garden in Vex Offensive: Final Assault.

This brings a conclusion to the story arc that began with the Shadowkeep expansion, which progressed throughout the Season of the Undying. The Hive’s rituals around the black pyramid have drawn the attention of the time-travelling Vex, who has launched assault after assault on the Moon.

Meanwhile, the Guardians and the Vanguard have been working towards a way to stop this for good. In the weeks leading up to date, Ikora Rey has been constructing a giant portal to uncover the origin of the Vex’s attacks – the Undying Mind. All the progress made in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep thus far has been to weaken the Vex, and now players have the chance to eliminate the leader of the Vex once and for all in Vex Offensive: Final Assault.

That is, one of them at least. With the Vex travelling through time and basically working in different timelines, there are multiple Undying Minds. Each time you start the Vex Offensive, a new Undying Mind is summoned through the portal, which makes for a viable explanation for repeating the activity.

That said, the main bulk of Vex Offensive: Final Assault remains the same, the only change is in the final boss fight arena with the Undying Mind. It also allows players to finally finish off the Undying seal for Triumphs. With three weeks to go before the end of the Season of the Undying, players looking to complete the Triumph for killing the Undying Mind three times should jump right into Vex Offensive: Final Assault.

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